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Klaine is endgame, no matter what RIB and FOX want us to believe. Crisscolfer shipper because "Never Say Never"
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"There are two things you’ve got to remember about Cory. One is he’s a really funny guy with a great sense of humor. And he loved life and he always took care of his friends and he wanted his friends to be happy so it’s only right that we try and smile again, try to laugh again. It’s something that he would have wanted." - Darren Criss

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but they hug exactly the same every fucking time and they fit perfectly against each other and blaines not quite tall enough so he always stumbles when he gets taken off guard and his little head just has to peek out from kurts shoulder this is just the most fucking cutest thing ever in exsistance

Also the best part about their hugs is that when Blaine is happy he always hooks his chin over Kurt’s shoulder like he just has to show everyone his big dopey smile but when he’s feeling sad or vulnerable he hides his mouth and squeezes Kurt’s back and just lets himself be held.

Klaine hugs are my favorite things. They’re just so intimate and obviously something very important in their relationship.

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Darren Criss as Frank from Merrily We Roll Along | Six By Sondheim

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Taylor’s advice on X Factor

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do you ever look at someone’s url and you just want to help them

all the time

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I’m very much into the idea of symbols and monikers. It creates something bigger than the person … [“Wait so Darren does that mean you’re going to change your name to an unpronounceable symbol?”] Yeah, I’ll just be a hieroglyphic. It’ll be like a bird on a stick attacking an alligator. That’ll be my secret name.


"I just want Bruce Lee to hold me as long as he can."

I’m dying.

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